In 1973 I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado.  Up until about midway through my 3rd
    year, I thought I wanted to be an accountant, then I realized that I really didn't like day to day
    accounting.  I therefore ended up with a degree in management.  But then the story starts.  My family
    didn't have much money so I had to work full time during my last 2 years of school in order to finish.  I
    made right at $7,600 that last year and ended up paying about $1,000 in income taxes for that year.  It
    didn't seem right to me that a student working full time just to make ends meet should have to pay that
    much in income taxes.  Then it got worse, I found out that Mr. Nixon who was just resigning about then
    made over $200,000 that year and paid $0 in income taxes.  That is when I decided to learn the tax

    In 1980 I opened my business to do tax preparation for other people and got my first two customers, of
    which both of those are still clients today.  It grew from there to where I have done every type of return
    that there is.  My office now prepares about 700 returns per year.

    By 1992 I had over 200 clients and opened the business as a full time business.  Because you end up
    knowing a lot about people's finances from their tax returns I ended up showing people how to pay
    less taxes through the use of tax deferred annuities and so I got my insurance license.  I ended up
    both writing a book and teaching classes on tax deferred annuities.  See the annuities page for more

    So the final step then begins. Once you help people create wealth through paying less taxes and safe
    money investing, you have to show them how to protect their wealth and pass it on to the next
    generation with as little tax consequence as possible.  Hence I had to learn the use of the greatest of
    wealth transferring systems, the use of life insurance.  See the Life Insurance page for more details.
The Wealth Cycle
About Ron's Office:
    In other words I am now qualified to help you through the entire wealth cycle.
    I help you create the wealth by showing you how to keep more of your money by paying less taxes.
    I help you protect the wealth through the use of life insurance products.
    I show you how to distribute the wealth, whether that be back to you in your retirement years or to
    your heirs

    Please look through the rest of the website to see how we accomplish these tasks for you.
There are actually 3 ways to
lose     money and we see it
as our job to   help our
clients understand the       
dangers of each of them.
1. Bad Investment choices.
2. Paying too much in taxes.
3. Losing purchasing power
due      to inflation.
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