Types of Life Insurance that we can help you with:

  • Term - 10, 15, and 20 year terms
  • Single Premium
  • Mortgage Protection Insurance
  • Universal life
  • Final Expense aka. Burial Policies
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Term insurance is used to meet a large need for insurance for a specified period of time.  
Such as to pay off a mortgage, to provide income for a family until the children are old
enough to fend for themselves.  It is simple and straight forward.  The amount of the
insurance usually remains the same for the entire period of time selected and so does the
premium.  When it comes up for renewal it will be priced at your then attained age, so it is
best to buy for the longest period that you can afford.  Of course don't give up coverage,
the most important thing is to make sure that your family is sufficiently covered.
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Single Premium is a great tool for attaining a couple of goals.  It is a way to instantly
increase your estate for you loved ones and control your income taxes at the same time.
It is also the most efficient way to buy insurance and to make sure that you don't pay more
for the insurance than what you will collect someday.  With single premium insurance you
will set aside a set amount of money once, the insurance company will determine how much
insurance that policy will buy for you and then you never pay again and the insurance stays
in effect till the day you need it.  It will usually grow in both cash value and death benefit
over time.  However, since all the administrative costs occur when issued many times it will
take several years before your cash value starts to grow.,  With all that said we do have
one company where the policy's cash value is never less than what you put into the policy
and the death benefit starts growing right from the very first year.  So if you are looking at
purchasing one of these, you would definitely want to get a quote from us.  We are always
working hard to make sure we bring you the best products from the best companies
available at the time.
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The industry has put this tag on the insurance because the intent is for a surviving person
to use the proceeds to pay off the mortgage.  In all reality it is just term life insurance.  
Unfortunately there are some really bad policies out there that use this term.  If th ad for
them comes to you in the mail be extremely cautious.  If the insurance is dirt cheap it's
because the policy is most likely an accidental death only policy.  That means it only pays
off if you die as a result of an accident and you have to die within 30 days of the accident.
The other type of insurance truly is a form of Mortgage Life Insurance.  As the policy gets
older the benefit goes down because the balance on the mortgage is going down.  The
problem here is that the price doesn't go down so you keep spending the same amount of
money for less and less insurance.  Bottom line is if you need to cover a mortgage buy real
life insurance it's less expensive and will give your survivor more flexibility and choices in
the end.

Universal Life is a cross between whole life and term life.  Inside the policy the insurance
buys term insurance on a yearly basis.  You pay a lot more than you would for term
insurance in the beginning but less than you would at the end.  The extra money that you
are putting into the policy at the beginning will accumulate to help you pay the higher
premiums at the end.  Universal policies are good for those who can afford them because it
is kind of like building your own bank.  In later years you can borrow from the cash value of
the policy for any purpose that you choose.  Of course, if you don't pay the loan back your
policy will eventually run out of cash and you will lose your coverage.  These policies
especially make sense for people in their 50's or 60's.  The reason for that is that you can
only buy term insurance until the age of 80 so if you plan to live longer than that and have
insurance you would probably want to consider a Universal Life policy.

These are whole life policies meaning that you will pay on these till you die or reach age
100 whichever comes first.  They are smaller life insurance policies as in they are usually
written for amounts in $2,000 to $25,000.  Many people have some insurance and many
times they are small paid up policies that were bought any years ago.  However what
$5,000 bought 20 or 30 years ago is nowhere near what it will buy today.  So many times
people need to buy just a little bit more insurance to make sure that all their final expenses
can be paid with insurance proceeds.  That is exactly what these policies are for.