Many of my clients over the years have asked me for a list of good books that they could read, to learn many of
the basics of personal finance.  The following is just a partial list of the books that I have read and been
recommending for years.  I've made it easy for you to buy these if you like.  Just put your cursor over the book
cover and click on it and you will be taken to the page on the Barnes & Noble website where the book is offered.
This was one of the first
business/self help books I ever
read.  At just $2.99 I can
guarantee no matter what your
age or education you will feel you
got your moneys worth out of this
book.  This book should be
required reading in every high
school in the nation.
Stockbrokers and many other
financial professionals are always
trying to convince us that things
are different now.  This is a good
basic book that will teach you the
basics of personal finances.  The
basic rules of finance have never
changed and never will.
Now here's a real deal.  You can
get both the books listed to the
left all rolled up into one. It's a
great addition to anyone's library
and would make a great gift for a
high school or college graduate.
I don't use absolutes very often
but this is one of those
exceptional times.

We all (and I do mean ALL),
always (and I do mean
ALWAYS), pay for an
education one way or another.  
We can either learn through
training and reading or we can
do it the hard expensive way
and learn from our mistakes.
Know a college student that needs
to save some money?  Barnes &
Noble sells used text books at a
fraction of the cost of new from
the on campus book stores.  Just
click on the logo and search for
textbooks. Logo - 120x60
All Books 50-80% off
Needless to say there are
thousands of books out there that
I haven't read.  But being an avid
reader I do find places to buy
books many times at deep
discounts.  One of those places is
called  You
can get to that site and see if what
you are looking for is offered there
at a much reduced price by
clicking on this link.
The amazing thing about this
book is though it was written
decades later, the concepts
discussed in this book are so
similar to those written in the
book "The Richest Man in
Babylon".  This should help
prove that the basic principles
never really change.
When you first get this book you
will probably feel that you got
ripped off.  Plus it's a little hard
to read because of the 18th
century words and phrases.  But
when you are finished reading it
(15 to 20 minutes later), I am
sure you will recognized it's
When it comes to the stock
market you can make money
trading for yourself.  However  
the only way you will even have
a chance at succeeding is if you
are armed with the right
knowledge. This book will go
along way in getting you there.
There is stock trading and then
there is investing in the stock
market.  Mr. O'neil provides you
with the education you need to
successfully use the stock
market as part of your
investment strategy.  He has
written many good books on the
subject and they are all worth
the time and the money.